Aradia Miniatures offer a vast range of fantasy figures, divided in collections dedicated to specific themes. Animals, animal-men, fairies, demons, barabrians, vikings, characters from greek mythology, lizardmen (coming soon) and many others type of creatures are available for your choice. Take a look to our collections and find the best miniatures to paint or to add to you army!



Everyone has different tastes and expresses their own personal and intimate art in a unique and unrepeatable way: choose the best figures to manifest your artistic skills. Occasionally some products sell out: don't worry, you can enter your email in the space provided on the product page and you will be notified as soon as the figure is back in stock!


Whatever kind of miniatures you'd like (barbarians, dwarves, female heroines, giants, dark figures, toony figures ecc..), you can find them in our online stores. And if you live in the USA and you want to save shipping costs and time, you can order our figures directly to our official American Distributors Scale75USA (you can order here: .


  • Aradia Classic Fantasy

    The Woods, the Nature, the Middle Age, the Deep Ocean, the Magic, the Fairies, the ancient sagas of Gods and Heroes: these are just a little taste of the worlds explored Aradia Miniatures. 

  • Dante's Divine Comedy

    Collection dedicated to the Italian Poet Dante Alighieri, "the Supreme Poet".


    Collectible miniatures inspired by his poem La Commedia, also named La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy), the book that recounts about the mystical and fabulous journey that Dante accomplished through the three realms of afterlife: INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO.

  • Hyperborea

    ❄️ For centuries the mysterious people of the Hyperboreans have influenced the Destiny of humanity from their inaccessible world, lost among the northern mists. The few explorers who have reached their world have never returned, if not rare, like Pythagoras, Apollonius and a few others. Now it's no more time to remain hidden: the looming threat of the southern races that are destroying the last remains of the hyperborean tradition scattered around the world and that are advancing northward to conquer the Kingdom of Thule, centre of Hyperborea, must be stopped. Today is the time to go out from the occult sleep that lasted for centuries and restore the ancient order all over the world, today is the day of Hyperborea.

  • Mediterraneo

    Mediterraneo is a collection of 75mm miniatures to paint, dedicated to the characters of ancient mediterranean tradition, capturing the most interesting figures from myths and legends of this area - of course, with our touch of fantasy. 

  • Ocean Kings

    Ocean Kings is a range of miniatures from the deep ocean. Legendary creatures, knights and monsters populate the largest kingdom on earth: the Ocean. 

  • Mickael Lelièvre

    This collection of wonderful creatures to paint created by Mickael Lelièvre is a new collaboration with this amazing artist. All the releases are limited edition so don't miss yours!

  • The League

    The League was born from the joint venture with Aradia Miniatures, Kimera Models, Kontraros Collectibles and Nocturna Models. Amazing miniatures and busts for amazing people. All the releases are limited edition.

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