Aradia is dedicated to catering to your passion for miniature painting and modeling by providing a diverse range of accessories. Our extensive selection comprises various colors, tools, bases, and more, meticulously curated to enhance your creative process. With Aradia, you can elevate your miniature painting and modeling experience to new heights.

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  • €5.00
    Raw wooden base 6x6

    Fix your models here with a drop of glue or patafix to paint them before gluing them onto a scenic base. Support suitable for 75mm, surface 6x6cm.🎨


    Material: raw wood

  • Kimera Kolors – DANILO...
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    Kimera Kolors – DANILO...

    Aradia resells Kimera Kolors – DANILO CARTACCI SIGNATURE SET – Never without


    Cartacci Red

    Caucasian Skintone

    Golden Brown

    Kiwi Brown

    Samurai Green

    Silver Grey

  • Kimera Kolors – MICHAL...
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    Kimera Kolors – MICHAL...

    Aradia resells KIMERA KOLORS SIGNATURE BLEND: Michal Pisarski – Non Metallic Metal


    Iron Hue

    Morning Sky

    Ground Brown

    Fallen Grass

    Cloud Sky

    Sun Ray

  • Kimera Kolors – PURE...
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    Kimera Kolors – PURE...

    Aradia resells KIMERA KOLORS pure pigment acrylics (13 acrylic colors and 1 satin medium in 30ml dropper bottles).


    PW6 – Titanium White (Titanium Dioxide)

    PBK7 – Carbon Black or Lamp Black (Amorphous carbon from soot)

    PV23 – Violet (Dioxazine Violet)

    PG7 – Phtalo Green (Phthalocyanine green – blue shade)

    PB15.4 – Phthalo blue green shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)

    PB15.2 – Phthalo blue red shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)

    PR122 – Quinacridone magenta (Quinacridone)

    PR170 – Red (Naphthol AS Red)

    PR101 (130) – Red Oxide (Red iron oxide)

    PY42 – Yellow Oxide (Yellow iron oxide)

    PO34 – Orange (Pyrazolone Orange)

    PY83 – Warm yellow (Diarylide Yellow HR)

    PY151 – Cold yellow (Benzimidazolone Yellow)