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This 54 mm miniature depicts a moment of epic collaboration between Darin the dwarf and Tron the dragon. This scene was sculpted in the traditional way and meticulously cast in high-quality resin to ensure durability and precision detail.🎨.  

Level of difficulty:  easy

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  • this product comes in a box, with carefully separated parts to be assembled and then painted.

  • the painted figures presented on our boxes and web pages serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved. 

  • Colors, glue, paint brushes and others modeling accessories not included.  

  • not suitable for children under 36 months.



Darin is the gnome speleologist...or gnome dentist, if you prefer.

The most of his payments come from the treasures he finds by cleaning the monster's teeth: armors, jewels, magical artifacts, chests full of gold... You could find everything into the mouth of a dragon... the true cave of wonders. Just one thing you have to be careful of: hold your nose, and pray you don't have to dive too deep.

Data sheet

54 mm
Level of Difficulty
traditional analogical way
Stefano Moroni and Lucia Gallotti
Daniele Trovato
Box art
Mirko Cavalloni
High quality resin kit, sold unpainted and unassembled

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