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A wild beast, Cerberus, uncouth and cruel,

is barking with three throats, as would a dog,

over the people that are there submerged.

Red eyes he hath, a dark and greasy beard,

a belly big, and talons on his hands;

he claws the spirits, flays and quarters them.

The rainfall causes them to howl like dogs;

with one side they make shelter for the other;

oft do the poor profaners turn about.

INFERNO, CANTO VI, vv. 13-21

* * *


Cerbero, fiera crudele e diversa,
con tre gole caninamente latra
sovra la gente che quivi è sommersa.

Li occhi ha vermigli, la barba unta e atra,
e ’l ventre largo, e unghiate le mani;
graffia li spirti ed iscoia ed isquatra.

Urlar li fa la pioggia come cani;
de l’un de’ lati fanno a l’altro schermo;
volgonsi spesso i miseri profani.

INFERNO, CANTO VI, vv. 13-21

Data sheet

90 mm
Stefano Moroni
Joaquin Palacios
Box art
Sergio Calvo Rubio
High quality resin kit, sold unpainted and unassembled

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