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Viking resin miniature of 75 mm. Like all models of Aradia Miniatures, this one has been carefully cast to maintain the highest standards of quality and attention to details.🎨


This model has a video tutorial 👇:

Òlafur - Painting Tutorial by Erik Swinson


Level of difficulty:  easy

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  • this product comes in a box, with carefully separated parts to be assembled and then painted.

  • the painted figures presented on our boxes and web pages serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved. 

  • Colors, glue, paint brushes and others modeling accessories not included.  

  • not suitable for children under 36 months.


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Four enormous rivers surround the part of the land in the middle of the Arctic Ocean where the city of Thule is located.

The barbarian warriors descended from the lineage of the giant Ymir are skilled navigators who live camped on the coasts of the southern Arctic lands.They are divided into tribes, often at war with each other. Each leader, to become such, must pass a particular test, different for each, in which is put at stake his own life: who passes, is considered worthy to lead the tribe, who succumbs, according to local tradition is not worthy to aspire to that role and is rightly punished for daring to aspire to a role that does not compete.

Ólafur had to fight with his bare hands against a bear and to kill it in order to demonstrate to be the leader of the Bergelmer tribe. To this day, he still keeps the skin of that bear as a trophy and uses it as a fur coat to protect himself from the cold while traveling on his drakkar in the cold northern seas.

He and his nomadic brothers did not take part in the defense of Thule against the XIX Legio, but left to discover new lands, reaching the Americas, as is known, well before the arrival of Columbus…


👇 Unboxing by Miniature Night Painting 👇


Data sheet

Stefano Moroni
Joaquin Palacios
Box art
Marko Miladinovic
75 mm
High quality resin kit, sold unpainted and unassembled

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