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Concept: Stefano Moroni

Sculptor: Ali Jalali

Box art: Fabrizio Russo

Size: 70mm

High quality resin kit

REGULAR price: 75 EUR

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75,00 € .

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Behold then, coming toward us in a boat,

an agèd man, all white with ancient hair,

who shouted: “Woe to you, ye souls depraved!

Give up all hope of ever seeing Heaven!

I come to take you to the other shore,

into eternal darkness, heat and cold.

And thou that yonder art, a living soul,

withdraw thee from those fellows that are dead.”

But when he saw that I did not withdraw,

he said: “By other roads and other ferries

shalt thou attain a shore to pass across,

not here; a lighter boat must carry thee.”


* * *


Ed ecco verso noi venir per nave
un vecchio, bianco per antico pelo,
gridando: "Guai a voi, anime prave!

Non isperate mai veder lo cielo:
i’ vegno per menarvi a l’altra riva
ne le tenebre etterne, in caldo e ’n gelo.

E tu che se’ costì, anima viva,
pàrtiti da cotesti che son morti".
Ma poi che vide ch’io non mi partiva,

disse: "Per altra via, per altri porti
verrai a piaggia, non qui, per passare:
più lieve legno convien che ti porti".