Aelania: dragons charmer

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Sculptor: Benoit Cauchies
Box art: Sergio Calvo Rubio
Size: 75 mm

High quality resin kit

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Her great-grandfather Vihlmard was killed by Black Manalych.
Brought up by her grandmother Istania who gave her the spell : a new technique of hunting.
Istania had indeed managed to take hormones of dragon female, but the vial of the invaluable liquid was stolen by Morjan the witch.
Aelania  got back the vial, but she used her charms with Morjan to subtilize it, left hurriedly without having time to get back all of her clothes…

Aelania can thus charm dragons by covering herself with the hormones, the dragon releases his vigilance and forgets to protect the less armoured zone. All Alania has to do is to point  with her lance or her knives of jet, coated with a  mortal poison... Sneaky but effective , Bheeg Brakk just paid the price there