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Idea: Stephan Lang (Lucky LBT)

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Ah me, I know not how to speak my thought,
Nor leave unspoke: 'tis for that gift I brought
To man that in this torment I am bound.
Hid in a rush's heart I sought, I found,
The fount of fire, to man a shining seed
Of every art and a great help in need.
Behold the sin for which I suffer, high
Enchained, with pierced heart, beneath the sky!


Prometheus Bound, Aeschylus

Some time ago Stephan Lang (Lucky Lbt) won our online painting contest "Mediterraneo", so he had the opportunity to choose a character from roman-greek mythology who would have been produced for our "Mediterraneo" line. Stephan chose the titan Prometheus, he who stole the Fire from the gods to give it as gift to men. Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, sentenced Prometheus to eternal torment for his transgression. Prometheus was bound to a rock, and an eagle — the emblem of Zeus — was sent to eat his liver. His liver would then grow back overnight, only to be eaten again the next day in an ongoing cycle.

Data sheet

70 mm
Stefano Moroni
Andrew Loktionov
Box art
Arnau Lazaru
High quality resin kit, sold unpainted and unassembled

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